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Catarina Ferreira Yoga

Every student is absolutely unique and group classes may not always be the best option for everyone; whether this is due to a physical, emotional or schedule/time issue.
Taking a few private yoga sessions will be well worth the investment as we can tailor the class to your specific needs and take focus on your interests or plans such as goals for flexibility, strength and meditation.

Deepen your practice and work towards specific goals

Learn correct postures without getting intimidated or feeling nervous by a group setting

Improve your performance on other practices like surf, hiking, cycling.

Ask questions in a confidential environment

Receive personalized guidance and hands-on adjustments designed to your individual needs 

Prevent injuries

Develop a meditation or yoga practise that you can do at home

Increase your mental focus

Improve your health issues ( arthritis, depression, insomnia) or injuries ( knee, shoulder, back)

Schedule the class in a time that works for you


1 CLASS: 50 /  £45

4 CLASSES:  175€ / £160

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 all classes are happening online via Zoom app.

All prices have been adjusted accordingly. 

For more info and bookings please e-mail me:

I highly recommend a one to one session

"Cat is amazing .. I recently visited Portugal and participated in one of Cat's classes at Vida Pura was brilliant I would highly recommend a one to one session."

by Jacqui MoretonJuly 29, 2017

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