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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The Yoga People Ashtanga Teacher Training, London 2015

That was Jamie's words when guiding through meditation, back in October 2015, on our 1st day of this Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga Teacher Training: "Today I open my potential and power for transformation, healing and change". And like that the journey started.

Those words stayed with me along the way and I made them my intention for the course. To be more open to people, to find my own voice, overcome my demons, transform my pain, to change for better and find a more authentic version of myself.

This training turned out to be way more than I could ever imagine. It was not just about learning how to get into a handstand, was also about learning how to fall (sometimes quite loud) to listen, to modify when needed, to be ok with the limitations and not get frustrated with them because Asana, in fact, is just one tiny part of Yoga. Was also about travelling deeper inside, healing and connect, to get stronger grounded roots, learn to adapt as flowing water, allow me to glow and have an open heart, to be able to express my truth, and wisdom coming from my inner teacher and believe that I have infinite potential and everything is possible.

I am grateful for crossing paths and study with such wonderful group of people, to spend my 30th birthday surrounded with so much good energy (and manage to do my 1st crow- a birthday gift from the pressure of demonstrating to the class), to my teachers Lolo Lam and Marcus Veda that inspired me and showed me that yoga is fun, to Jamie & Dulce and The Yoga People for the wisdom, compassion and positive energy.

The teacher training is over but this is not the end, is just the beginning :)

See you on the mat!


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