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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

No refined sugar, dairy, gluten free and super healthy ❤️ Recipe bellow ( used thermomix but any high speed blender will do).

Base: 120g Cashews 50g Flaxseed 25g Coconut Flour 120g Dates Ground the cashews 10seconds speed 8 Mix the rest of Ingredients 30secs speed 6 Cover the bottom of tray with baking sheet so it's easy to remove later. Allow to rest in the fridge Middle layer: 3 Bananas 1/4 lemon juice 1tsp Maca Blend everything until smooth and spread on top of the base. Allow to rest on the fridge. Top Layer: 25g Flaxseed grounded 30g Dates 140g Almonds 35g Buckwheat 35g Coconut oil Dairy free chocolate pieces, Goji berries for decorating Mix the dates, flaxseed and coconut oil 10seconds speed 7. Add the Almonds for another 10 seconds speed 6 In a bowl mix the buckwheat, chocolate or anything else you would like to give texture to the mixture you just created. Adding dry coconut can be an example. Spread on top of banana layer. Add Goji berries on top and voilà! Enjoy

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