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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

All The Bad Things Free (Cruelty Free - Guilty Free - Gluten Free)

I've been doing my own gluten free granola and enjoying it for breakfast along with dairy-free yogurt and fruits but when I moved back to Portugal, finding vegan yogurts that are not soya based was not that easy. I decided to try a fruit pure to replace the yogurt so I don't put more processed stuff in my body. Guess what, it's delicious! I don't like to eat fruit after the main meals, it just doesn't go with my digestion as I feel super bloated if I do it. So this is a perfect way for me to consume fruit :)

Adding a little bit of Camu Camu powder for special flavour and extra vitamin C.


1frozen banana



1 tea spoon of camu camu powder

peanut butter (chunky, organic and no palm oil!)

home made granola

chocolate bits (optional)

sliced fruit of choice.


Blend the fruit with the camu camu powder in a high speed blender. If you don't have a frozen banana, that's ok. Probably the mixture will be more liquid and at room temperature.

Place the mixture into a bowl. Take a few tea spoons of chunky peanut butter and place them into the mixture. Add the granola on top with the chocolate bits and sliced fruit.

It's quite a full on breakfast!


Suggestion: Try with different fruits! Replace the orange for pineapple, the pear for frozen berries ;)

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