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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Is it a "hippie" thing or actually there is science behind the magical sound of the Gong?

If you experienced a Gong session before, you know that the sound of it creates deep relaxation feeling. It actually frees us from the chain of thoughts, and as the experience deepens, the body dissolves and the sense of expansion and connection to infinity takes place. But what actually happens in the brain?

Let's see the facts.

The human brain is divided in two hemispheres; the left and the right.

The left hemisphere works in a rational and logical way while the right hemisphere works in a creative and intuitive way.

When we have a high brain activity like when we are solving problems, have busy thoughts and are highly concentrate, the impulses frequency between hemispheres is higher, producing Gama and Beta brain waves.

When the brain activity is lower, like when we are in a state of relaxation, deep meditation, hipnose or when we have dreams, the impulses frequency between hemispheres is reduced, producing Alfa and Teta brain waves. When we are in a deep sleep without dreams then the frequency is even lower, producing Delta brain waves and it’s here when the body regenerates itself.

The sound of the gong changes the focus to the right side, giving a rest on the left side, allowing the listener to produce Alfa, then Teta and even Delta brain waves.

When we are in Teta, several things can happen like visions, repressed emotions might come up, subconscious memories, dreams, past life experiences, enlightenment. This is the powerful path for healing and no wonder why we feel so relaxed after a session.

So for those who like scientific facts, here you go, and if you are skeptic, why don't you come and try a Gong session?

Join every Thursday for a Yin Yoga class and relaxation with Gong, or just book your private Gong therapy session.

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