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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Delicious and free of guilt!!!

This is my version of vegan chocolate truffles. A snack that taste like Snickers! Takes only 4 ingredients & are super easy to make! It's vegan, sugar free and highly addictive!!! You've been warned!⁠


1 cup roasted almonds

1 cup medjool dates

2 tsps almond butter

1 bar of vegan dark chocolate (I used the baking chocolate from Vivian, my favourite!)


Hand chop the almonds, or use food processor. Don’t chop them too fine so you get the crunch! Reserve.

Take the pips out of the dates, add them on the food processor with the almond butter and mix them together. Add the chopped almonds and mix everything together in a bowl with your hands or with the food processor.

Start shaping in balls and place them in a tray with baking paper. As an alternative you can put the dough in a silicone ice cube tray for fancy shapes.

Place them it in a freezer for a few hours (I say minimum of 2 hours but you can keep them there for much longer). The idea is that they get hard enough so they don’t disintegrate as you dip them in the chocolate.

When they’re ready to take out of the freezer melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pot of boiling water. Have a plate ready with a baking paper or cling film. Dip each truffle in chocolate and place on the baking paper.

Once you’ve got them covered in chocolate put them in the fridge. They’ll be ready to eat within 15 minutes!


Add salt flakes on top straight away after dipping!

Use other nuts and nut butters!

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