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Her yoga classes are fantastic

"Having Cat around is wonderful. :) She has such a positive attitude to share. Her yoga classes are fantastic.
Being part of her retreat at Vida Pura in April 2018 was a wonderful experience. I can recommend 100% - we had a great time."

by Natalie , May 13, 2018

A truly memorable experience

"Catarina is a wonderful teacher, she hasn't yet got many years of teaching experience under her belt but she makes up for it by being enthusiastic, humble, and always eager to share what she learnt from her own instructors! She has a strong personal practice which informs her teaching. She is knowledgeable both in the "trendy" fast-paced vinyasa style (mandala/rocket yoga) and in the meditative yin style, which she complements with her knowledge of acupressure. I was lucky to attend her retreat at Vida Pura, an excellent retreat centre in Portugal, Algarve, where she lives. A truly memorable experience even for me who has attended retreats in some very well-known centres and studios. A real treat."

by Susanne HaegeleApril 8, 2018

I highly recommend a one to one session

"Cat is amazing .. I recently visited Portugal and participated in one of Cat's classes at Vida Pura was brilliant I would highly recommend a one to one session."

by Jacqui MoretonJuly 29, 2017

Perfect yoga classes in Portugal

"Catarina is a great yoga teacher. I had one to one sessions with her in Portugal and learnt a lot from her. I enjoyed her classes and her teaching style, she is very friendly and helpful. She always considered what was best for me as a cyclist with a knee injury and she runs the classes with a perfect balance between body and mind. Thank you Catarina! Very much looking forward to the next time."

by Lindsey Fraine, June 19, 2017

Very calm and relaxed teacher!

"Catarina has a very calm and relax way of teaching. When teaching hard poses always show a easier way for beginners but always having in mind the more advanced people!"

by Marisa Marques June 15, 2017


How to Get Off the Grid & Start Living: Visit ‘Vida Pura’.

"Overall, our experience at Vida Pura was remarkable. In fact I would have to say it was one of our best." Read More

by YogiBanker (Scott Robinson)April 9, 2018

Slow Living: 6 days in Portugal to reconnect, to appreciate, to trust

"All too often life can become overly hectic or emotionally out of kilter. We forget what is truly important and become preoccupied with the small things, we give into the stress of the material world we live in." Read More

by Flor+Cesta (Hanna Pumfrey)November 4, 2017

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